About Journal

Ministry of Military Production strives to achieve the objectives of sustainable development with its distinct human and technological capabilities through the integration of industry and production system of about (17) affiliated facilities with the system of education and scientific research in the ministry. The Ministry of Military Production has a distinguished education system to support the industry, including technical and technological entities in Helwan and El-Salam, as well as engineering education represented by the Egyptian Academy of Engineering and Advanced Technology (EAEAT). There is also Science & Technology Center of Excellence (STCE), which works to turn research outcomes into industrial products and supports the process of product development. There is also an Information System & Computer Center (ISCC) to provide IT technical support with its expertise in the field of information technology. Ministry of Military Production with its all capabilities is already in cooperation with Egyptian scientists to solve research and industrial problems of adding values to achieve the goals of sustainable development and strategic plans of the State 2030. We hope that the International Journal of Industry and Sustainable Development (IJISD) will enrich the scientific research and exchange of experiences to come up with recommendations that contribute to solve problems and support the knowledge-based economy.

Dr. Mohamed Said El-Assar

Minister of State for Military Production