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International Journal of Industry and Sustainable Development (IJISD) is a high-quality open-access peer-reviewed journal published by the Egyptian Academy for Engineering & Advanced Technology (EAE&AT), affiliated to the Ministry of Military Production. IJISD is a forum for the publication of scientific work related to industrial research, science, technology, education, and society. A particular emphasis placed on the value and importance of stakeholder partnerships for effective communication on issues of sustainability.

Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, August 2022 

Low-cost Smart wheelchair to support paraplegic patients

Pages 1-9

Mohamed Safy; Mayada Metwally; Nardeen Elia Thabet; Nada Ahmed Ibrahim; Ghaidaa Abo El ELa; Asmaa Bayoumy; mohamed ashraf

Solar based Charging Stations for E-devices

Pages 10-21

Moataz M Elsherbini; Amaal Ashraf; Hager Hesham; Reham Mohammed; Omar Mohsen; Mohamed Hossam; Mohamed Amr

Production and Characterization of Pectin by Acid Extraction Method from Orange Peels Waste Using Response Surface Methodology (RSM)

Pages 34-45

Eman Mohamed Abd E Abdel Hamid; Ahmed Mohamed Muawad; Hassan amr Hassan; Mahmoud Ashraf Ragaa; Mahmoud Abd El-Meged Abd El-Kader; Mohamed Farid Abd El-Latef; Mai Ehab Ibrahim; Nada Essam Abd El-Fatah; Ahmed Mostafa Rady

Fabrication and Characterization of Geopolymer Bricks using Construction and Demolition Waste

Pages 46-56

Kamilia Ahmed Kamal Elnaggar; Ahmed Yahya Mohamed; Mohamed Madany Anwar; Ahmed Amr Abd El-Aziz; Omar Mohamed Abd El-Aziz

Production of Paper Using Chemical Pulping Process of Sugarcane Bagasse

Pages 57-65

Amal Magdy El Sayed; Kareem Hossam Hamad; Yasmine Eid; Ahmed Alaa; Ahmed Hassan; Abdelrahman Mohsen; Abdelrahman Safwat; Kerolos Atta; Mohamed Benbella; Sayed Abdel Tawab

Optimization, and Characterization of Acid-Activated Bentonite

Pages 66-75

Kamilia Ahmed Kamal Elnaggar; Sabah Mohamed Farouk; Amro Ibrahim Abdelrazek; Anas Mohsen Abdelsamie; Ahmed Abdelmksod Ghallab; Bassel Ahmed Mohamed; Kareem Ahmed Elsayed; Yousef Mohamed Ramadan

Smart Road Network

Pages 98-108

Sherif Ismail Elsanadily; Hassan Kasem; Ebrahim Sherif; Mohamed Owaes; Mohamed Maged; Ahmed Magdy; Mohamed Abdelraouf