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International Journal of Industry and Sustainable Development (IJISD) is a high-quality open-access peer-reviewed journal published by the Egyptian Academy for Engineering & Advanced Technology (EAE&AT), affiliated to the Ministry of Military Production. IJISD is a forum for the publication of scientific work related to industrial research, science, technology, education, and society. A particular emphasis placed on the value and importance of stakeholder partnerships for effective communication on issues of sustainability.

Current Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1, July 2024, Pages 1-122 

Effects of FMWCNT inclusions on PVDF/FMWCNT membranes structure and characteristics

Pages 1-11

Radwa M. Zarraa; Shaaban Nosier; A. A, Zatout; M. H. Abdel-Aziz; Mohammed S. Al-Geundi

Recycling Reverse Osmosis Membranes: Addressing the Challenges of Non-Biodegradability and Waste Generation

Pages 34-43

Amr Mansi; Heba Abdallah; Fang Li Feng; Yasser Elhenawy; Amira Reda; Monzer Ashraf; Mohamed Bassyouni

Simulation and hazard operability analysis of liquefied petroleum gas plant: A case study

Pages 44-78

Abdelrahman Diab; Ahmed Hassan; Alyah Awad; Salma Zaher; Youssef Botaly; Nourhan Sherif; Mohamed Bassyouni

Process Simulation and Design of Green Ammonia Production Plant for Carbon Neutrality

Pages 79-103

Islam Shaker; Moataz El-Bagoury; Salma Yaser; Habiba Emad; Omar Hamdy; Nour Abouseada; Mohamed Bassyouni; Dina Aboelela

ECM Approach for Filter Design-Based Wavelet Transform Using SAW

Pages 115-122

Hagar A. Ali; M. M. Elsherbini; Mohamed I. Ibrahem; A. N. Omara; Hala M. AbdelKader