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International Journal of Industry and Sustainable Development (IJISD) is a high-quality open-access peer-reviewed journal published by the Egyptian Academy for Engineering & Advanced Technology (EAE&AT), affiliated to the Ministry of Military Production. IJISD is a forum for the publication of scientific work related to industrial research, science, technology, education, and society. A particular emphasis placed on the value and importance of stakeholder partnerships for effective communication on issues of sustainability.

Current Issue: Volume 5, Issue 2, 2024 (Special Issue) 

Environmental analysis of Acid Gas Sweetening with DEA

Pages 47-72

Moataz El-Bagoury; Islam Shaker; Salma Yaser; Omar Hamdy; Habiba Emad; Miral Nassar; Nour Abouseada; Mohamed Bassyouni

The Role of Agriculture Waste in Achieving High Efficacy in Residential Sustainable Buildings in Egypt

Pages 83-94

Abd El-Rahman El-Lawindy; Hend Hamdi Abdelkader; Ahmed Assim ABDULLAH; Magdi Khalil; Sohier Mohammed Abobakr